6 thoughts on “I don’t know what it means…”

  1. I agree totally about not having to analyse dreams. Yes, they do often represent in some way unfinished business the mind is sorting through, but not often in a way we can identify. I use my half awake/half asleep musings and the dreams I can remember as nuggets of fantastic creativity to fuel something I’m writing. I completed my MA novel by using this dynamic resource and it works! And that dream someone had of the black cats – what a fantastic idea for a picture book – take the nugget and write on, I say!

  2. ‘Not often in a way we can identify’ – absolutely. Looking back over my earlier dream diaries, when I was working with dreams in that interpretative way, I can see how often I was way off the beam. Eleanor, if you have a ‘dream that sparked the book’ story – or part of the book, for that matter – I’ll be featuring guest posts here on that topic of up to about 300 words. The first one will be up next week – it’s a cracker! Please do email me your story if you’d like to share it author@jennyalexander.co.uk

  3. I love this idea of working creatively with your dreams and not trying to interpret them psychologically – I’m getting a little tired of that! I once had a dream that I was riding a bike down some streets in what looked like Brighton. Despite encountering several hazards en route I managed to steer round them. I felt on top of the world and wonderfully free and unhindered by any obstacles. It was a brilliant dream that left me feeling really positive and optimistic. I later wrote a poem about the dream which still cheers me when I come across it

  4. I would love to see that poem. Just mentioning the feeling your dream gave you reminded me of a dream I’ve had like that, when I woke up feeling totally exhilarated. I was running through a formal garden which went down to the sea, and when I reached the end I leapt off the bank into the crystal clear water. To my surprise, it suddenly whooshed me out from the shore, and I screamed with delight. Still joyful twenty years or so later! Thank you for reminding me 🙂

  5. I found it very empowering to lay aside all that interpretation stuff after coming to the House of Dreams workshops. Now, on one hand I look for plots for stories by taking out the situations and conflicts or actions in my dreams. On the other, I look for symbols and imagery that I feel feed my psyche, if that’s the right word.

  6. I like that word. In a completely surface world, without access to the symbols and images, I think the inner life can become weak and thin.

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