6 thoughts on “The dream and the writer’s trance”

  1. This is very true. And sometimes it can be a bit frightening just how “real” a story world could be for a writer of fiction. It’s not easy to pull ourselves out of that but, at the same time, this does allow us to write our stories better. Thank you for posting about this. 🙂

  2. That’s so true, Dawn. My friend Kath Langrish likened it to swimming under water, in response to this post. Intense, exhilarating, but something many of us can only do it in short bursts.

  3. My recently published novel, The Saint of Florenville: A Love Story, came into existence as the result of a dream. See http:saintofflorenville.wordpress.com . . . main page post. I’d be happy to share with your readers.

  4. I used to slip into the writer’s trance rather easily when I was a child but now I find it harder to get to that state.

    1. Hi Sehena – this is such a timely comment for me today because I’m redrafting the opening chapter of my book, which is about how easily we slip between the inner and outer worlds as children, and one way of re-establishing the connection is by imagining yourself back into the child you were through writing

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