A second award for the House of Dreams!

I’m delighted to announce that Kath Roberts – she of the delightful Reclusive Muse – has bestowed the coveted Unicorn Glitter Award upon Writing in the House of Dreams.

The beautiful Unicorn Glitter Award
You’ll see that, under the unicorn’s rules, I have to tell you some more about the House of Dreams.
What is the favourite book on its bookshelves?
‘Creative Dreaming,’ by Patricia Garfield, and ‘Dreams and the Underworld,’ by James Hillman.

Favourite film?
Bit of a surprise maybe, but you do get all sorts in the House of Dreams – ‘The Naked Gun’
Favourite poem or song?
Kathleen Raine’s ‘Heirloom’, which so perfectly describes the magical within the mundane.
Favourite myth?
Persephone, because it’s the story of dreaming.
Enchanted creature?
The owl, which knows the secrets of the night.

My little bloggie will wear the award with pride.

Do you follow a blog you think should get an award? Or do you have any more questions for the House of Dreams?

8 thoughts on “A second award for the House of Dreams!”

  1. Yay! Another award. You are notching them up, Jenny. Congratulations and very well deserved. As for your question, you may know the answer to this as your lovely blog was one of my nominees for the Liebster Blog. The other Bloggers I nominated for this were Emma Pass, Marnie Riches, Colin Galbraith and Dan Smith, all who produce lovely blogposts.

  2. Yes – anyone who chances by here, do click through to Abi’s blog and pick up the links – they’re all lovely blogs! I’m thinking Katherine Roberts should get the award for creating the glitteriest award – it’s so pretty!

  3. Congratulations Jenny – and very well deserved of course! I had a look at Kath’s site or should I say the Unicorn’s site. So delightful!

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