‘Your dreams were trying to kill you!’

My complete conversation with award-winning author Susan Price – she of the vengeful, spurned daemon – has gone live on her blog today. It’s got darkness and daemons, death and delight… all the stuff you’d expect in a chat about writing and dreaming. Take a look!

Plus the added bonus with Susan’s lovely blog, you get Blott 🙂

2 thoughts on “‘Your dreams were trying to kill you!’”

  1. Thanks for that link Jen – it was a fascinating read and reminds me of my own brush with my daemon, Lilith. It is a weird feeling having this powerful ‘other’ in your life which pushes itself into consciousness. I found it both thrilling and a little unnerving at first, but incredibly transforming.

  2. Yes! Someone on Sue’s blog has commented that it sounds terrifying and not at all what she would want. But terrifying is so close to thrilling, and the whole point is the transformation 🙂

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