Book Shaming: ‘You Don’t Read *That*, Do You?’

Write what you want to write! Otherwise, really, what’s the point?

KJ Charles

A: Hey, what are you reading?

B:  It’s called The Screaming Girls and it’s a thriller about a serial killer who horribly tortures pregnant women to death and then nails their uteruses to the wall. He’s called The Virginia Woolf Killer because he’s creating a womb of his own. I’m really enjoying it. What about you?

A: It’s about two people who fall in love.

B: God, I don’t know how you can read that stuff.

Or, as George Moore said, “I wonder why murder is considered less immoral than fornication in literature.” That was in 1888 and nothing’s changed.

The world is full of people ready to tell you what you should be reading. You should be reading plotless lapidary prose about the slow decline of an aristocratic family in pre-war Hungary. You should be reading books written 150 years ago, at least. You should be reading the…

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4 thoughts on “Book Shaming: ‘You Don’t Read *That*, Do You?’”

  1. Love this, Jenny. I hate any kind of snobbery or judgementalism about people based on what they read / listen to / watch on tv… the list is endless! Embrace our differences, I say.

    1. Here here, Abi! I love reblogging when someone picks up a thread, and the tone of this piece is so light and positive.

    1. Haha – hi Liz! This is a timely comment, as I’m working on the cover for ‘Writing in the House of Dreams’ with a designer as we speak. I don’t know if it’ll be pretty… will ‘striking’ do?

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