I do this every year!

Several people have contacted me recently to say they were missing my posts here in the House of Dreams and ask why I haven’t been blogging. Thank-you, bless you – you know who you are. It’s lovely to be missed 🙂

I always plan to blog throughout the summer but let’s face it, I go off the radar every year because when it’s fine I want to be at the beach. There are three reasons why this year’s break has been longer than usual.

Swimming selfie in Tiree
Swimming selfie in Tiree
  1. The weather’s been amazing, and I’ve had a total of five glorious weeks out and about with my little tent, mostly with no internet or mobile connection.
  2. Before I set off on my travels, I was working with a branding and marketing consultant to try and create a more unified web presence, instead of having a children’s author site and this completely different area for dreams, workshops and writing books. I was holding off until it was up and running, but that’s taking much longer than I hoped and I’ve been missing blogging, so I’m back!
  3. I’ve been super-busy doing last-minute things for Writing in the House of Dreams such as checking proofs, ordering copies, setting up a  Writing in the House of Dreams – the Book page here on the blog and sorting out some publicity before publication day on October 15th.

Yes, it’s that close – five weeks, and that means five posts to publication. What will be in these countdown posts? Dreams! Because I really do ‘write in the House of Dreams,’ I get guidance in my dream-life for all my work, and I’m going to tell you five dreams that have helped me overcome various anxieties I had about self-publishing and really come to love it.

This post is just to say ‘Hello – I’m back – is anyone there?’ My normal posting day is Wednesday, so come back tomorrow for the first of my five pre-publication posts and read about the dream that helped me focus on the money side of self-publishing.


14 thoughts on “I do this every year!”

    1. Of course Tessa – that would be lovely. You coming to Gill’s gallery on Friday? If not, email me and we’ll fix something up 🙂

  1. Welcome back, Jenny! I’m with you with having a blogging break – the weather has been very enticing and Summer’s a great time to re-think and clear out the cobwebs. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

  2. Hi Jenny it was nice to see your post. As soon as I saw it I thought it’s been a while since I read one of your posts. I always like reading your posts and look forward to your next one.

  3. Great to see you back into blogging. So glad you had a great break. I can totally relate to your no.2 reason! I’m redeveloping my site too and it’s not going nearly as quickly as I would like. And I too am in the grip of the marketing menace 🙂

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