Are you temperamentally suited to self-publishing?

Dream 4 in the countdown to publication! Last week’s dream highlighted how I felt when I started self-publishing; this week’s showed me why I felt that way. 

I’ve got on a bus to go to London and a few hours later the bus stops in the early morning mist and I see we’ve come to Camborne. Instead of going East, we’ve been going West. I get out and look at the misty hills of the far West, so wild and beautiful, but so much not where I expected to wake up, and I think having got up so early and set out so hopefully, now it’s too late to get to London.

Now I’m writing about an adventure on a train. I see other authors – Liz and Elen and some others – have got together to write adventures on trains, and get publicity, and they’ll sell much better – but the fact is, I prefer to work on my own.

When I finished Writing in the House of Dreams, the first thing I did was ‘go to London.’ I sent it to my agent, she liked it, she sent it out to major mind-body-spirit publishers.

When it didn’t get a contract I realised that where I had been heading all along was home, towards publishing it here, myself, and I experienced a mixture of feelings.

I was disappointed, certainly, having set off so hopefully, believing in the book, armed with wonderful feedback from my expert readers and feeling sure that it would find a publisher.

But I also felt excited about the ‘wild and beautiful’ vista of self-publishing that was opening up in front of me instead.

My dream went on to acknowledge that the mainstream way would certainly give me a higher profile and sales, but going it alone could actually suit me better.

In my career, fame and fortune have never been main drivers; my passion is the writing, and I’ve never sought the kind of success that would take me away from it on things like book tours and festivals.

My career goal, now as ever, is to make enough money from my writing to keep on doing it, without having to worry about the bills or trying to fit all my work into a marketable brand.

Last week, I asked whether you had ever self-published, and how you felt about it once you got started. Not everyone will feel the same; this dream suggests it might just suit my temperament and fit my writing goals.

Next week the countdown ends! Meet me back here to celebrate publication day and hear about dream number 5, which involves a sweet little furry animal and a curious crow.

2 thoughts on “Are you temperamentally suited to self-publishing?”

  1. This past August I hired a professional book editor to review my first completed novel. She just returned it with her recommendations, and I’m perusing it, while comparing it to my original version. Regardless, I’m determined to get this thing published before year’s end. I’ve been leaning towards Amazon’s Create Space, but I need to examine other self-publishing outlets more closely. I’ve wasted too much time working on this novel and I need to move on to other projects.

    I feel self-publishing is one of the most brilliant concepts in the writing / publishing world. It takes the power of publishing out of the hands of corporate entities and puts it back into the hands of those who should be in control: the writers. The downside, of course, is that we have to do all our own marketing. As an introvert, that’ll be especially challenging for me. But, writing fiction is all I’ve ever wanted to do in life, so I’m more than up to the task.

    1. Not ‘wasted too much time,’ Alejandro – spent enough time now! Whatever happens to your novel, all that work has helped build your writing skills and experience. Same thing with marketing – sadly, these days, big publishers are looking for a track-record in networking and self-promotion as well as a cracking MS, but I feel the internet has created a more level playing-field for introverts because you can do so much from the peace and privacy of your own home.

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