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Flying dreams – are you a leaper or a flapper?

When you tell someone you’re working on a book about dreams an interesting thing happens – instead of the polite, interested look they get when you talk about your other assorted writing projects their face lights up and they straight away tell you about a dream they’ve had.

I’ve experienced this heaps of times since I’ve been writing my dream book, but my absolute favourite was one night at the pub after choir practice.

Someone asked me what I was working on, I told them, and they straight away remarked that they often dreamt about flying dogs. Someone else, overhearing, said that he didn’t much like dreaming about flying because it was always such hard work, all that flapping.

‘Flapping?’ a fourth person joined in. ‘Why don’t you go to a high place and glide? That’s what I do!’

‘I usually just float up,’ said someone else.

I had very little to report on the topic of flying dreams because I’ve only ever had one or two in my life, and I didn’t get much higher than the tops of the streetlamps and trees. Also, I have absolutely no idea how I achieved lift-off.

I love hearing about other people’s dreams! So what’s your recommended method when it comes to flying – are you a leaper or a flapper?