Dreams of the places you’ve left

The last time I blogged I was still on holiday in the Northern Isles, and coming home from holidays can be hard, even if you love the place you live.

The first few nights back home, I had strange dreams which were like series of pictures from my holiday, framed as if they were in an exhibition.

A Shetland sheep on a Shetland beach
The flight to North Ronaldsay, Orkney
The flight to North Ronaldsay, Orkney
Croquet in my daughter's Orkney garden - we're so posh!
Croquet in my daughter’s Orkney garden – we’re so posh!

These dreams reminded me of something my friend Anne used to say about depression, that it was ‘a chance for your soul to catch up.’

I was home, but feeling unsettled and wishing I was still on holiday – so my dreams gave me a chance to take a final look back and enjoy the wonderful memories. The fact that the images were framed gave them distance, so they felt like memories rather than events I was still involved in.

I wonder how often we dream about the places we’ve left, sweet dreams that bridge the gap between where we were and where we are now in the physical, like bridges for our soul to cross when it is ready.

4 thoughts on “Dreams of the places you’ve left”

  1. Thanks, Jenny, for this post. It’s happened to me also, dreaming of recent places, or some not so recent, that I’ve visited. I’ve read that our psyche looks for the familiar, so that could account for those kinds of dreams, but what if there were a deeper resonance for such dreams? What if you saw or heard or experienced something while away that stirred up a memory or an unresolved issue from your past? Aren’t most dreams of the healing kind? 🙂
    I love to decipher dreams. Saw your post on FB IASD group. Thank you for sharing.

    1. How lovely to see I had a comment from Perennial Goddess awaiting approval! You’re so right about these resonances. It’s something I love about dreamwork that there are so many different ways of approaching it, and so many different kinds of insight to be found, and whatever you find it always takes you towards wholeness and healing.

  2. I love the way you’ve sahred images here Jenny as a means of evoking the dreams themselves – invites me to sit and wonder and contemplate and feel… lovely! many thanks, Travis

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