Got 20 minutes a day? Get Writing!

Several months ago, I put a call-out via my newsletter for volunteers to test my new writing app and, having taken their feedback on board and made various adjustments, I’m happy to report that Get Writing! is now available in the Apple store. Woohoo!

The concept is simple. The app takes the traditional method of busting through writer’s block by writing for 20 minutes a day – which you may remember from a previous post Not everyone loves ‘morning pages’ I’m slightly equivocal about – but focuses it so that, after 28 days, instead of a heap of random jottings, you end up with a finished and redrafted story.

There are four sections, each consisting of seven sessions

  1. establishing a daily practice
  2. playing with ideas for characters and settings
  3. writing a short story
  4. crafting and redrafting it

When you have finished, you can go back to the beginning and start again, working your way right through towards a whole new story, or you can use the various sections to dip into as and when you need a nudge with getting going or finding ideas, starting a new story or redrafting one that’s already written.

First review in the Apple store
First review in the Apple store

Depending on sales and reviews, I’d love to develop further writing apps, because the process has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I think an app is a perfect device for delivering daily tasks. As there’s a text box within the app, you don’t even need to be near the computer or have a paper and pen on you – you can dip in any time and anywhere.

Got 20 minutes to spare? Any time, any where!
Any time, anywhere!

Huge thank-you again to all my testers and, if I do develop another one, I’ll be asking for testers via my newsletter again.

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