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This is one super sweet blog – it’s official!

Big thanks today to Wyndy Dee for nominating Writing in the House of Dreams for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. How gorgeous! More about Wyndy here http://wyndydee.wordpress.com/about/

The rules: Thank (and link) the person who Awarded it to you (see above!) Nominate 12 people and ask them these simple questions…here they are, with my answers.

  1. Cookies or Cake? Whichever is the most chocolatey (obviously!)
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? A marriage made in heaven – both at once is best
  3. Favorite Sweet Treat? Rhubarb crumble and Cornish clotted cream
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? At emotional extremes – when I feel either on top of the world or down in the dumps
  5. Sweet Nick Name? I wish I had one. Today in the Rocky Valley tearooms near Tintagel, the waitress kept calling me honey, and I thought that was nice

Now then, my own nominees for the Super Sweet Award…

This time, I’m going for family and children’s-writer friends – I wish they could all come for cake in the House of Dreams!

Rosie Alexander ‘Adviser on the Edge’ – my daughter, blogging about life and work from her home in Orkney

Friends and fellow children’s authors :

Katherine Roberts ‘Reclusive Muse’

Katherine Langrish ‘Seven Miles of Steel Thistles’

Susan Price ‘A Nennius Blog’ (you can find me ‘in conversation’ over there, and we’re about to take up again where we left off soon)

Abi Burlingham ‘Musings and Mutterings’

Amy Butler Greenfield ‘Alchemy Pie’

Lucy Coats ‘Scribble City Central’

Mary Hoffman ‘The Book Maven’ (very informative blog about the book world)

Saviour Pirotta ‘Pirottablog’

Joe Friedman ‘The Talking Therapist’ (new blog by Joe wearing his other hat, as a psychotherapist)

And finally, the most fabilicious group blog, Girls Heart Books where I’m on the team, blogging on the 18th of every month. Here’s my latest post, ‘School – do you love it or hate it?’

Now then, milk and sugar?

Six Very Inspiring Bloggers for you!

Great news today – Writing in the House of Dreams has received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from the lovely Katherine Langrish, writer and story-teller extraordinaire. You may have heard her on Radio 4’s Open Book programme recently, discussing dystopian fiction.

The very beautiful very inspiring blog award
The very beautiful very inspiring blog award

Katherine’s interesting and inspiring blog is called Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

Under the conditions of the  award, I have to tell you seven things about myself, and as it’s spring, I’m giving you seven pictures from my garden, which is always a source of happy ponderings for me:

1. My garden is loooong, so even on a day when it’s too cold to sit out, I like to walk up and down on breaks from my computer


2. When it’s warm, you can’t beat a swing seat for sunning

swing seat

3. Coffee at the table under the trees is good when there are notes or MSS to read

003 (2)

4. For contemplation, a nice peaceful pond


5. Flowers, obviously…


6. Pending DIY projects to help me stay focused on my writing


7. And even on rainy days, watching the birds through my study window


But enough about me! Now I have the privilege of nominating five Very Inspiring Bloggers myself. This time I’m going for blogs on writing, and here they are:

  1. The astonishingly prolific rarasaur – I know she’s already got this award, but I like spreading the word about the good stuff!
  2. Therapeutic Journal Writing – a lovely writing therapy blog from Lapidus member, Kate Thompson
  3. Poet and teacher, Geraldine Green, whose blog is Salt Road 
  4. Cristian Mihai – a young Romanian blogger sharing his thoughts and views on writing and art
  5. Stroppy author – info about all things writing, with plenty of attitude

With Katherine’s that makes six Very Inspiring Bloggers for you. Happy reading!

Do you know any VIBs? Please share!